SIATPUR is a high flexible pipe with a very good characteristics especially for pneumathics, fluidies, automotive, mechanics and electromechanic fields.
Thanks to the non-toxicity components, SIATPUR can be used in medical, pharmaceutic and food.
SIATPUR has so many different applications that we suggest to consult our technical office to have usefull information.


  • High flexibility for every runs and minimum bending radius without bottleneck in the pipe.This remarkable characteristic remains the same at low temperature.
  • High elastic modulus and high resistance to traction.
  • High elongation breaking with maximum tearing.
  • Total elastic recovery without pipe deformations.
  • Very good abrasion resistance, necessary to connect.
  • Grease, mineral oil, gasoline resistance.
  • Good resistance to hydrolysis, ozone and oxigen. Stable to UV ray exposition.
  • Operating temperatures between -40 and +100°C.
  • Operation pressure is 6 bars.

Pipes are packed in coils of 100 and 200 meters.