SIAT - Company

Established in 1972, SIAT is a worldwide recognized leader in the field of synthetics monofilaments Technology, innovation and quality, combined with versatility, makes SIAT open to meet customer’s needs optimizing the production for various requirements in many fields ranging from gardening TRIMMER LINE and agriculture, to fishing line and industry.

Thanks to its performances SIAT is appreciated nationally and internationally having a distribution network in 45 countries in 6 continents.

The production unit close to logistic center, located in the suburbs of Milano can count on the performance of several extrusion plants active 24 hours a day, ensuring high production efficiency together with a top level service.

The STATE-OF-THE-ARTS monofilament starts here:

Research and selection of 100% virgin raw material from the best worldwide resin producers.

Our Technical department works in close cooperation with our customers to find the right solution for every need.

All our products are constantly updated to improve the quality more and more.

SIAT LAB controls every production lot to ensure the quality following the specifications.




Leader in Italy and in the world for the production of synthetic monofilaments.



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