AGRIPOL, the high tenacity polyester monofilament , that thanks to its extraordinary mechanic characteristics, found a lot of applications in agricultural fields, specially in vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, protection coverings, fences and all other applications in substitution of traditional iron wires.
AGRIPOL has a lot of advantages:
- Installations are very easy due to the great lightness of the wire.
- Saving money due to its lightness.
Besides the economical advantages AGRIPOL offers really good performances:

  • High breaking load
  • Insensitivity to atmospheric agents. No alteration to the change of temperature between - 40°C and + 70°C
  • Very low elongation on high load - Permanent tension; it does not require to be tightened every year
  • Not hygroscope - abrasion resistant
  • It fits to any kind of posts : cement - iron - wood - It is particularly indicated  for mechanised vintage
  • Strong and weak acids resistant, as well as organic solvents proof ( except  nitrobenzene, methacrylate and phenol), it also has a good resistance to weak alkali. Therefore it is not insensitive to chemicals used for  plants and soil treatments in agriculture.